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Ghardaia is a building complex definitely unusual and original in form and substance located in Abruzzo, Pescara, in a privileged location surrounded by green and a short walk from the beach despite being a 5 minute bike ride from the city center. Games of light and shade, changing forms, recesses and overhangs that "deconstruct" the building in an ever-changing shapes and colors are the design idea of the complex, born from the observation of the homonymous town Mozabita nearby the Algerian desert with its houses the result of a spontaneous architecture.


Apartments unique and unrepeatable


Making units all different from one another (there are no apartments equal to each other) stems from the belief that everyone wants his home to be "unique" and an expression of his desires, needs and tastes; all this is made possible not only by different interior designs, but also and especially by the choice of an exclusive "shell".


Marry a particular design becomes a little more of appreciating the simple style, it is essentially being and express yourself


The garden opens to the park street

The bathrooms

All different and especially designed


Joy and quality


Laminated wood ventilated to ensure comfort and biocompatibility

The Project

Create a "flower city" that takes over and blends with the colors of nature broadcasting at the same time joy and happiness.

  • The project is an ancient architecture revisited and transported nowadays, which combine tradition and modernity, architecture and maximum usability of the housing units and common areas.

    Inspired by the story to improve the present

  • Ghardaia "breaks" with the past. The result is something new, special, that moves through particular forms, elements "different", brilliant color.

    A new concept of entrepreneurship

  • Technological solutions projected to save energy and protect the environment without forgetting the technological requirements, functional, comfort and design for the third millennium man.

    Classe energetica A

  • As for the interior of the apartments, all common parts are deeply studied until the smallest detail so that every corner, every sigth, every visual is something unique and give emotion.

    Attention to detail

  • In the central part of the complex is the large multipurpose room, centerpiece of the social life. For all needs there are different rooms to leave bikes, children's toys etc...

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