Tailor-made furniture

In order to create exclusive homes that are "unique", technologically advanced, and expression of their wishes, needs and tastes we have created a business unit dedicated exclusively to the interior.

The basic idea is always to combine technological innovation and design with maximum versatility of the interior, whether residential or business, those who are observing the tastes and needs of those who must live such environments.

All this, of course, with a touch of creativity and "madness".

The customer may have such treatment "all inclusive": with one party has the opportunity to buy or be not onlymake a property "stark", but also all its furnishings (complete or partial) is in the interior (kitchens, living room, bedrooms ...) and in outdoor areas (gardens).

The proposed solutions are always "tailored" for each job, but this does not imply they are intended solely for a large budget, everything is calibrated to the level of expenditure as indicated by the client.

The process is extremely streamlined and includes 3 basic steps and a preliminary.

First we meet with the client to understand their needs, tastes, interpret its ... dreams, and determine the type of action to be executed and budget. At this time also occurs if there are pieces of furniture already owned, or even particular pieces of antiques that you intend to use (it is said that everything must be new and still provide any kind of advice) and if you make the necessary relief, then you enter the real work phase.

Foundation of all the work is the emphasis of the environments, the preliminary sketches of some alternative solutions that are proposed and explained to the client to understand whether the route taken is the right and fine-tune everything.

Once the final design, we proceed with the three-dimensional design supported by continuous verification by simulation in computer graphics. The final result thus leads to the production of photorealistic renderings that are submitted to the customer together with the final cost estimate.

After acceptance of the contract shall be the actual production of artifacts and / or completion of the works.

It 'obvious that, unless requested or agreed otherwise, we will take care of what would be needed to complete the finished work (such as masonry and plaster, paint, flooring and walls, electrical work and hydraulic ...) without the need for the client to seek professional craftsmen or in person for all that is beyond the simple "furniture".

In case you will need professional assistance (planning, municipal permits and so on) can all be at our expense, and falls in the accepted estimate.

Even in the case of installations in parks and / or gardens, the work is intended "turnkey". In this case, however, it makes a different design, given the technical impossibility of rendering faithfully reproducing natural elements (plants, flowers, shrubs ...) that as living organisms, they are all different from each other.

Once finished with it, ultimately you just have to enjoy their nest, "unique" because it is completely designed in the shells is in its interior design and / or external so that it is an expression of self.

All without having to "suffer" stress "fight" with more than one partner, and having already clear from the beginning what the end result, thanks to photos that are faithful renderings of what the end result will be effective.