About us

We deal with construction activities: public and private construction, commercial projects, industrial buildings, specific interventions (military barracks, etc.). The activity is focused on the production for sale or rent. However, is not irrelevant the restructuring branch.

Everything is done inside the company: from design, assistance in dealing with public authorities for obtaining permits, works with specialized direct labor, construction supervision and security charges, after-sales assistance.

Our activities are:

- Construction. Realizations of housing and other (commercial, industrial, military ...)

- Engineering firm. Structural design, urban planning and architecture; calculations for reinforced concrete; cadastral obligations.

- Designs of technological systems (hydro-thermal-sanitary, solar, air-conditioning, electric) and thermal calculations.

- Construction & Renovation. Construction of concrete structures, walls and cladding, roofing (also in wood), thermal and acoustic insulation and waterproofing, plastering, flooring and coatings etc ...

- Civil and industrial systems: electrical hydro-thermo-sanitary and air conditioning.

- Outdoor design and furnitures. Pools, gardens, parks and green works (including automatic sprinkler systems)

- Indoor design and furnitures. Works of carpentry, masonry bathrooms, fitted kitchens even in masonry (classical and high tech).

- The company operates from the mid-seventies, since the founder eng. Nando De Dominicis has decided to support the professional activity through two social reasons, "Nando De Dominicis sas" and "RAD Immobiliare sas".

The Founders

Eng. Nando De Dominicis

born in Salle (PE) on 11/10/1927, degree in civil engineering - hydraulic at the Politecnico di Pisa, and died on 8/03/2009. As a professional and CEO of Nando De Dominicis & C. sas was the real promoter of the activity, born out of nothing, rich only of his genius. He wanted his work always leave an imprint technology and design always following the work on site, his true passion.

dr. Gabriella Frondaroli

born in Pescara on 17.01.1939 and graduated in psychology at the University La Sapienza of Rome, and died on July, 29, 2917. She was Administrator of the company after Nando's death. Wife of the engineer Nando was named in his office as a sign of continuity, covering the office of Administrator until her sudden disappearance, when he was still full of strength and ability.

The current Management

dr. Roberto De Dominicis:

born in Pescara on 04/03/1970, he graduated in Finance at Bocconi University in Milan. He is Chartered Accountants and Auditor. He follows the economical and commercial and assisted in the architectural choices, finishes, colors and materials, taking care of everything concerning the technological systems and energy saving. He plays as a liaison between the various team members, living daily the yard.

Eng. Alessandro De Dominicis

He born in Pescara on 06.04.1971; civil engineer - hydraulic at the Politecnico di Milano. He puts architectural ideas into practice adapting to the rules of PRG. He deals all part of the project, the structural analysis and design of the building and also the engineering part, the soundproofing and insulation. He is the person in charge of the construction sites.


dr Isabella Fabrizio:

born in Pescara on 21.10.1969 and graduated in Business Administration from the University D'Annunzio. She takes care of all the design and construction of green, dealing with the choice, maintenance and proper engraftment of the species planted.

accountant Cinzia Galatioto:

She cares the accountancy area dealing with everything concerning the accounting and management of payments.