The areas of activity



Rad Immobiliare deals with complete construction activity, from design through to testing in particular:

- Construction of civil buildings

- Construction of commercial, craft, industrial buildings

- Special building (barracks and other)

- Drainage and white water systems

- Masonry and reinforced concrete, roofing, waterproofing and insulation, plaster, floors and walls, etc ..

- Fireplaces and interior works


Technological systems

Rad Immobiliare deals with plant from design through to testing and in particular:

- Civil and industrial electrical installations

- Intrusion detection systems and video surveillance

- Hydro plants - thermal - health - Air conditioning systems - District heating and power stations

- Solar Plants(photovoltaic and thermal)

- Sewage treatment plants and water softening

- Automatic irrigation systems

- Gas equipment

- Fireplaces.