Ghardaia - Pescara

Residential complex (apartments and offices)

Ghardaia is a building complex definitely unusual and original in form and substance made in Abruzzo, Pescara, in a prime location surrounded by greenery and a short walk from the beach despite being a 5 minute bike ride from the city center.

GGames of light and shade, changing forms, recesses and overhangs that "deconstruct" the building in an ever-changing shapes and colors are the design idea of the complex, born from the observation of the homonymous town Mozabita the threshold of the Algerian desert with its houses the result of a spontaneous architecture on a human scale. Ancient architecture revisited and transported nowadays, which combine tradition and modernity, architecture and maximum usability of the housing units and common areas, fruit of the architect Pescara Pasquale Fanesi, strongly supported by the late Eng . Nando De Dominicis, and bringing it into practice also technological excellence homonym construction company now run by a new generation.


  • Apartments (1 to 4 bedrooms plus living room - kitchen and bathroom)
  • Offices
  • Garage of various sizes
  • Parking spaces

Some other properties for sale

Residential, vacation, commercial, land and more

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Here are some of our proposals.


Teramo: "Residence Petrut": Elegant building in the residential area of Villa Mosca, a short distance from the new hospital. Sale - Rent

Passolanciano: "Mirastelle": Self-contained apartments in four-family villa sites in locations Mirastelle. Sale - Rent

Notaresco (TE):Multipurpose center (crafts, commercial, office) on an area of 11 hectares. A few km from the exit of Giulianova and along the speedway Teramo-Sea

Pescara: Part of a shed of 450 square meters with large square in very convenient location. At 500 meters from the Axis Equipped and the ring.

Store of 140 square meters in via Caravaggio. Large yard for parking.



  • Apartments
  • Offices
  • Villas
  • Commercial properties
  • Property income
  • Garage
  • Lands