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Indoor furniture



    Outdoor furniture

    • Implementation of gardens and parks
    • Construction of swimming pools with relative filter system
    • Works in green
    • Automatic watering systems
    • Wells for irrigation
    • Gardens
    • Gazebo, pergolas ...
    • Terraces
    • Parks

    Work in progress

Outside Furnishing

Every place has a spirit and a vocation: it will impart all the signs of the time, what a place it was, what it is and what we can become, observing it one can understand a lot of those who live and what represents for him, visiting him, he realizes that can give so much and become a ledicina soul.

Dealing with architecture of external means to try to seize the potential vocations of the place and harmonize them with the needs of the client by the individual outdoor furniture until the intervention landscape scale.

Materials and natural stone, synthetic and glass, wallscapes, micro gardens, public spaces: when you ask for greener what do you want? A house sunniest, a neighborhood less desert, an area less asphalt or a place where they can meet and feel a community socializing or otherwise a place where peace and tranquility reign? Touch, sit down, sink, sniff, look? Do we need green or something more?