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Teramo - "Residence Petrut": Elegant building in the residential area of Villa Mosca, a short distance from the new hospita

Passolanciano ( "Mirastelle") - Aself-contained apartments in four-family villa sites in locations Mirastelle  

Notaresco (TE) - Multipurpose center (crafts, commercial, office) on an area of 11 hectares. A few km from the exit of Giulianova and along the speedway Teramo-Sea.

Pescara - Part of a shed of 450 square meters with large square in very convenient location. At 500 meters from the Axis Equipped and the ring.

Pescara - Shops of 140 square meters each in via Caravaggio. Large yard for parking. & Nbsp;

Building a guaranteed income: Command Carabinieri affittatto to the Ministry of the Interior