De Dominicis group is responsible for construction activities in general: public and private construction, commercial achievements, industrial buildings, specific interventions (military barracks, etc..). As a priority, the focus is on production intended for sale or rent, but it is not irrelevant the restructuring activity.

Everything is done inside the company: design, assistance in dealing with governments to obtain permits, completion of the works with specialized direct labor, performance of all obligations relating to the supervision and security charges, after sales .

The different branches of activity are:

  1. Building. Housing, commercial, industrial, military ...
  2. Engeneering firm. Structural design, urban planning and architectural design, calculations for reinforced concrete, land requirements. Technological systems (hydro-thermo-sanitary, solar air conditioning, electric) and thermal calculations.
  3. Construction & Renovation. Concrete structures, masonry and cladding, roofing (including wood), thermal and acoustic insulation and waterproofing, plaster, floors and walls etc. ...
  4. Technological systems.Hydro-thermo and electric plant health and civil and industrial air-conditioning .
  5. Design and implementation of external. Swimming pools, gardens, parks and green works in general (including automatic sprinkler systems) ).
  6. Design and implementation of interiors. Cabinet making , masonry construction toilets, fitted kitchens in masonry (classic and high tech)

The company operates in the mid-seventies, when the founder Ing. Nando De Dominicis decided to play both the professional and entrepreneurial activity, carrying out its activities through two social reasons, the Nando De Dominicis sas and the RAD Immobiliare sas.

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