Founder of the group in the seventies was the engineer Nando De Dominicis, CEO of the company until March 2009. He graduated in hydraulic engineering at the Technical University of Pisa and entered the Order of Pescara. Deceased March 8, 2009.

Following his death in the Administrator role is now held by his wife, Dr. Gabriella Frondaroli degree in psychology and pedagogy at the University of Rome

Also members are Dr. Roberto De Dominicis (a degree in corporate finance at Bocconi University in Milan entered the Order of Chartered Accountants of Pescara and the roll of the Auditors) and the engineer Alessandro De Dominicis (a degree in hydraulic engineering at the Polytechnic of Milan and entered the order of Engeneer in Pescara).

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Nando De Dominicis: Born in a little village called Salle (PE) on 11/10/1927, graduated in civil engineering - sect. Hydraulic at the Politecnico di Pisa, and died on March 8, 2009. As a professional and CEO of Nando De Dominicis & C. sas was the real promoter of all activities born out of nothing, rich only of his genius. He wanted his work always leave an imprint of technology and design, taking over the years the line of renewing engineer and builder's work. He always intervened in first person to file and adapt the creative whims and regulations to practical needs, always following the work on site, his true passion.
Gabriella Frondaroli: born in Pescara, January 17, 1939, graduated in psychology from the University La Sapienza in Rome. Engineer Nando's wife she was appointed in his position in the sign of continuity.
Roberto De Dominicis: born April 3, 1970 in Pescara, degree in Corporate Finance at the Bocconi University in Milan. He follows the economic and commercial matters and assists in the architectural choices of finishes, colors and materials, taking care of everything concerning the technological systems and energy saving. He performs as a liaison between the team members, living the yard every day.
Alessandro De Dominicis: born in Pescara, June 4, 1971, graduated in civil engineering - sect. Hydraulic at the Polytechnic of Milan, member of the Engineers of Pescara. He works in order to put ideas into practice and to respond to the architectural standards of housing Master Plans. It 'all part of his task technical drawing, structural analysis, architectural design and also the whole project and design of the plant, the soundproofing and insulation.
Cosimo Oggiano: born in Brindisi 9 May 1965, but now adopted by the Abruzzi from when he arrived in Pescara in 1985 to study architecture at the University D'Annunzio, he deals with the design and implementation of three-dimensional rendering in parallel with the architectural design and structural , as well as throughout the interior architecture.
Isabella Fabrizio, born in Pescara, 21 October 1969 with a degree in Business Administration from the University D'Annunzio. She cares of all the design and construction of green works, dealing with the choice, maintenance and proper rooting of the species planted.
Cinzia Galatioto, accounter. She is responsible for corporate accounting, and everything relating to budgets and payments.
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